Be A Man

Be strong, and show yourself a man, and keep the charge of The Lord your God, walking in His ways and keeping His statues, his commandments, His rules, and His testimonies… that you may prosper in all that you do and wherever you turn. (1 Kings 2:2b-3; ESV)

These words are penetrating my heart today. So many times I get distracted in life. I become frustrated with situations, settings or just life in general and forget my mission. The passage above is David charging Solomon to be a man. He didn’t just tell him to man up, he should him through the way he lived and gave him a solid plan to define manhood.

These words penetrate my heart because of my son. Fatherhood has changed me. It has changed my thoughts, world views and mission in life. Prior to my son’s birth I thought my mission was to change the world through the power of Jesus Christ but now my mission has changed. My new mission isn’t the world but my world. I need to foster an environment so my son; the next generation has an understanding of what a man should be.

David did this for Solomon. He charged him with be a man and then instructed him in the ways of The Lord. As a pastor, but even more so as a man, I have to do this for my son. Show him the church isn’t about four walls but the very heart beat of Christ. Show how the Spirit should be as fluid as water flowing in our souls. Teach him that love, true love, is from God and given to others from Him.

I cannot be distracted by the forces in this world. I need to continually fall in love with Christ and show him to my family and church. I think that all men can learn something for this passage. We all need to return to the heart of Christ to define who we are and who are children are to be. The more time we spend in His word, write out our thoughts the deeper the our roots will sink into the the foundation that Christ has laid. My prayer today is for God to help me be a man, a man who sees the world through the eyes of Christ. Be a man; amen.


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