With Jesus

One of my favorite Scriptures talks about Peter & John and how people knew they had been with Jesus.

When they observed the boldness of Peter and John and realized that they were uneducated and untrained men, they were amazed and recognized that they had been with Jesus. (Acts 4:13; HCSB)

Years ago at Trenton Nazarene, I started a Tuesday night prayer meeting called “Acts 4:13.” The goal of this prayer meeting was to transform my heart as well as the church community around me. The prayer group normally consisted of myself and another pastor with the occasional church member(s). We met in a Sunday School room and it was their that God affirmed in me that we were called to more. Our prayer was simple; God allow people to know that we have been with Jesus.

We had a variety of things going on at the church during that season but you could sense God was working. During that time we saw the church expand by 75+ people. Not a sheep stealing 75+, a legit people coming to Christ 75+. Most of the new folks were new to the church or giving church a second chance. The pastoral staff did a great job of stretching the congregation during that Christmas season. Lives were changed, needs were met and people were pumped to be a part of the Holy Spirit’s movement. The people of the church were moving from what they knew into the unknown and it was absolutely amazing to be a part of.

Our Senior Pastor was electric from the pulpit and in his life with the congregation. We had several staff pastors that filled voids and rolled with the Holy Spirit. It could have been the message series, it could have been the time of year but I am convinced it was the faithful few who began praying with deep intentions that we could be people who are known for being with Jesus.

This past Sunday at Fairfield Wesleyan Church we launched into a season of prayer using this same passage. Everyone was giving a card with Acts 4:13 on the front and the Scripture on the back. The purpose of this card is to remind folks to pray at 4:13 each day that we are known for being with Jesus. We will be praying this Scripture from now until Easter and I cannot wait to see what the Spirit of God does.

I have been in ministry for 10 years in some capacity and I have noticed with intentional intimacy we create impact. This Acts prayer is to create intimacy with our Savior and one another. When the people of God pray in a united manner the Spirit of God will start moving. When we love God and people more than anything else in this world; God will use us to transform the community.

I believe there are great days ahead for FWC as people start to pray. If we become like John and Peter being bold in the midst of obstacles. If we stand united in prayer. If we walk into the world and people see that we have been with Jesus; there we can overcome anything we face. Remember Acts 4:13. Please feel free to pray along with us.


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